! Frodo has build a ppa package to simplify installation. Have a look at for further information !

Note: This guide requires the installation of an webserver like Apache or lighttp!

  1. Get iVDR here!
  2. wget

  3. Untar and Copy
  4. tar xvzf ivdr-0.#.#.tar.gz
    mv ivdrdata /var/www/
    mv cgi-bin /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ivdr

    On upgrading you are ready now.

  5. Setup
  6. You can take your previous configurationfile, located at components/ivdr.db since 0.3.0.
    On first installation, you have to create an empty components/ivdr.db file or copy ivdr.db.default to ivdr.db
    cd /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ivdr/components
    touch ivdr.db; chmod 666 ivdr.db

    NOTE: The ivdr.db.default doesn't work for 64bit systems.

    cp -p ivdr.db.default ivdr.db

  7. Create markedfiles.log
  8. touch /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ivdr/markedfiles.log
    chmod 666 /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ivdr/markedfiles.log

  9. Run it!
  10. Browse to http://servername/cgi-bin/ivdr/

  11. Configure!
  12. If you choose your own folders, you have to adjust $weburl at components/
    The Mainconfiguration can be set within iVDR at the end of the mainmenu. Configure iVDR!

Tip: Click '+' then 'Add to Homescreen' to put iVDR on your homescreen.


compnents/ivdr.db = components/ivdr.db

in the forum of you've posted a fix (v0.3.3) for getting an output in recording lists. I post the fix in this thread for other users who didn't found the thread.

thx for ivdr :-)