General settings are defined in cgi-bin/components/
All other settings can be set and are explained within iVDR.
You can define multiple configuration profiles. Select "New" in the configuration menu to create a new profile or select "Add" in a configuration profile to copy the settings in a new profile. The profiles will be shown in the main menu to switch between them, if two or more configuration profiles exist.


I've got ivdr installed as in the guide and I can open the webpage but I can't add a config. When I click on new, I see a spinning wheel and that's it.

I couldn't use the ivdr.db.default file since I'm on a amd64 kernel and get an error otherwhise...

I suppose it's a rights issue - but can't find it. Where shall I look?


Yes, that's the problem. The ivdr.db.default doesn't work for 64bit systems.
Create an empty ivdr.db with permissions 666.
[code]touch ivdr.db[/code]
[code]chmod 666 ivdr.db[/code]

I'm experiencing the same problem as Michael did. I cannot add a config. When I press the "new" button nothing happens. I've already created an empty ivdr.db and gave it 666 permissions. But that didn't make a change. What user/group is needed to run the script without any problems?

Changing user or group isn't necessary. Please make sure to create the empty file by using the command "touch".
Also have a look in "/tmp/ivdr/ivdr.log" and see what is posting while pressing the "new" button.

"apt-get install libxml-simple-perl"

was the solution. But now I got stuck in compiling ffmpeg. Lots of warnings under Ubuntu 11.04!