There are a few tweaks that gonna help you, navigate quickly within iVDR.
  1. Tap on iVDR's title bar to return to the homescreen.
  2. You can stream every type of mediafiles to your device. If your device support the file format, you can simply open it with no encoding.
  3. Stream: Open:

  4. You can sort your recordings by time, length or alphabetical, up and down and even select multiple for move and delete.

  5. It is possible to select epgSearch searches which do not result search hits.
  6. To navigate quickly within long lists, there is a quick navigation bar availible. These can be shown by wiping into the display from the right.
  7. You can switch to the remotecontrol everywhere within iVDR, by wiping into the display from the left. And get back to iVDR by wipe right within the remotecontrol.