It doesn't work

First have a look in the logfile of iVDR, normaly located at /tmp/iVDR/ivdr.conf or in the Webserver error.log and try to debug.

Here some possible error messages:

Can't locate in @INC

iVDR needs some extra perl modules to work:

  • File::Basename
  • URI::Escape
  • Encode
  • Time::Local
  • CGI
  • HTML::Entities
  • LWP::Simple
  • XML::Simple

The easiest way to install these modules is to execute this command in a shell:
apt-get install perl-modules libhtml-parser-perl libwww-perl libxml-simple-perl

No connection to VDR (SVDRP)

Check out the svdrp-port in the settings, and have a look in svdrphosts.conf at /etc/vdr.