Remote Control

By default iVDR does provide the control of:

  • VDR
  • XBMC
  • VLC

To control XBMC or VLC you have to activate the http remote interface.

Also support these VDR-plugins:

  • mp3-plugin (audio)
  • mplayer-plugin (video)
  • xineliboutput (both)
  • xinemediaplayer (video)

Which media player will be used to play audio and video files, can be choosen in the main settings. VDR media will be played directly on VDR by default. You can change this by selecting the "playvdrmediaonmediaplayer" option in the vdr settings. Only availible and useful on an external player like XBMC or VLC.

iVDR can also control mediaplayer on remote machines. For this you have to point the playeradress in the main settings to the remote machines ip-adress.
To playback media files on remote machines, the directory-correction in the directory settings is probably required.